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About the Malvern Joggers

We are an established band of people who have enjoyed socialising and jogging since 2003. We love new people of all abilities to come and join us for a jog around Malvern, you don't need to be a member and it won't cost you anything, you can just turn up and decide which group you would like to run with. We meet on Wednesday evenings and most Sunday mornings. Please read our risk assessment here first. Please note in this day of litigation the Malvern Joggers cannot accept any claim for personal injury however caused when taking part in a club activity. All people attending a Wednesday night club run and other events organised by the club do so at their own risk. Anyone leading a run on a club night or other event organised by the club is undertaking this activity as a volunteer and is potentially a non-qualified member of the club and as such cannot be held responsible for any injury however caused to anyone in the group they lead. If any member of the club or non-member does not accept these conditions they should not be taking part in any activity organised by the Malvern Joggers. England Athletics provide third party insurance (not personal insurance) to anyone attending an official club event.

Due to legal considerations, it is the club's policy not to allow children under 16 years-of-age to run with us on our regular Wednesday evening runs. Those between ages 16 to 18 can run with parental consent. For those aged between 8 and 16 who would like to run in a safe and fun environment, please check out our MJ Juniors group by clicking on the MJ Juniors button on the left.

Malvern Joggers Summer Runs and club events

First Wednesday in the month British Camp car park, second, the Gullet Quarry Welland, third, Hanley Swan (Please park in the church car park approx 300m past the post office heading towards the 3 Counties), fourth The Bush Callow End-please park in the field behind the pub. If there is a fifth Wednesday then its the Swan at Newland (park in the field past and behind the pub).

The Joggers Annual Pubathalon is on 29th August, raising money for this years club charity, The Bridge Educational Trust. It is a revised shorter route this year of around 8.5 miles with plenty of rest (drinking) stops!Start at the Retired Soldier @12.00 noon route- Brewers Arms, Wych Inn, Morgan, 3 Horshoes, BlueBell, Foresters Arms, Gt Malvern, W Spoons, Unicorn, Red Lion, Nags Head, Prince of Wales, Retired Soldier

Our Annual Yacht Handicap race will be at our run from the Gullet Quarry 14th September

Wednesday Night Runs

We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm and run for about an hour. People who run with us range in ability from complete beginners to crazy fell runners and we run in a number of groups to cater for everyone. We always make sure that nobody is ever left behind. No one who runs with us is allowed to run alone, and nobody minds mustering back for the slower runners in any group. There is a lot of overlap between the groups so people who are comfortable running in one can move up to one more challenging. We usually have groups that keep to the following paces: walk/run, slow continuous run, intermediate pace, relaxed 10 min/mile, strict 10 min/mile, 9½ min/mile, 9 min/mile, 8½ min/mile, and various faster runs.

In the Summer, we try and get out and explore the lovely countryside around The Malvern Hills but when it's dark, we keep to the street-lit pavements around Malvern.

If you are thinking of starting jogging, you can contact Carl at Carl@MalvernJoggers.co.uk for more information on the beginner groups. You can download Jenny's flyer by clicking here

The next Wednesday meet will be on 31st of August 2016.
We will be meeting at The Swan, Newland

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(Sunset will be at around: 19:59)

Current Weather in Malvern

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Professor Moore's clothing guide:

over 15°c
over 12°c (sunny)
11°c to 15°c (dull)
11°c to 12°c (sunny)      
7°c to 11°c
4°c to 7°c
-1°c to 4°c
-2°c to -1°c
under -2°c
Singlet & shorts
Singlet & shorts
T-shirt & shorts
T-shirt & shorts
Sweatshirt & shorts
Tracksuit, vest & gloves
Tracksuit, vest & skigloves
Tracksuit & thermals

To Contact Us

If you want more information about the club or its activities, please contact our chairman, Carl Flint at Carl@MalvernJoggers.Co.UK. If you would like to be included on the Club mailing list or have items for the Club News, then e-mail Charly at Charly@MalvernJoggers.Co.UK

If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for this site, please contact Peter at: Peter@MalvernJoggers.Co.UK